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Curriculum Vitae

Mark Kane
Graphics/3D Artist

Mark Kane
Tilly-Fleischer-Weg 8
D-85551 Kirchheim

Born: August 27th 1977 in Munich, Germany
Citizenship: German
Languages: Fluent in German & English, some French
Education: 1997 Abitur at Gymnasium Neubiberg; 2002 - 2004 student of sociology at LMU Munich
Software Experience: Lightwave, ZBrush, Photoshop, After Effects, Freehand, Flash
Capabilities: autodidactic; flexible; work well in a team; ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines; always interested to learn new tools and techniques; well organized working habbits;
Objective: Position/projects where I can use my skills to create high quality 3D content and visualizations of all kinds, as well as continue to grow and further enhance my artistic and technical abilities.
Skills: 3D modeling of organic and hard surface objects, both high- and lowpoly; texturing, UV mapping of complex objects and texturemap painting; detailing - creating highly detailed displacement- and normalmaps for characters in Zbrush; character rigging; character animation; dynamics; lighting and surfacing; compositing & post production;

Professional Experience

2000-Present Freelance 3D & Webdesign
Worked on several long-time projects with Gigaperls. My work involved the design and creation of 3D character models & animation, background scenery, textures, sets & other models, as well as low-poly game assests for PC games (for examples check Projects). Lead 3D Artist on the game "Jim Knopf". Other tasks included the compositing of live action (bluescreen) plates into digital environments. Always pursuing several personal projetcs, to further my skills in various fields of 3D content creation. Recently I've been doing web- and logodesign for clients like Computec and Datenwerk.

1999-2000 Freelance Design
Got back to creating websites. Also created a corporate identity for a client (from logo to letterpaper). Started working with Gigaperls, first some general deisgn work and illustration for Flash based web-content, soon work shifted to 3D.

1998-1999 Paid internship at S+P Industrial
S+P Industrial is an interdisciplinary design agency. Stayed there almsot a year, performing a variety of different tasks: classic print-design and typography, creation of scale models and blueprints for interior architecture, illustration, industrial design, screen- and webdesign. Continued improving my skills in 3D as hobbyist and attended a number of local Lightwave usergroup meetings.

1997-1998 Freelance Webdesign
Designed websites for local clients during my year of obligatory civil service. Created 3D models and renderings in Lightwave in my spare time.


S+P Industrial
Perdrazzini Dental