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Here you can find WIPs, experiments and doodles. Nothing in here is supposed to represent finished, polished work, but might still be of interest for one reason or another. You will also find some fun stuff to download!

ZB Doodle
ZB Doodle


This is the result of my first afternoon doodling in ZBrush.

The goal was to get comfortable with the toolset . I had an idea for the head, the body was an afterthought though, so it ended up a bit bland. I used ZSpheres to create the base mesh and sculpted from there. Detailing done with projection master and stencils. Surfacing and lighting based on Antropus' excellent "Picasso" tutorial. Built, textured and rendered in ZBrush in about 4 hours.

There's lots of stuff I'd like to change about the body and some parts of the head (the nose area sucks), but overall I'm content for something created from scratch in a new tool and such a short time.



One of my more interesting dynamics tests. The purpose was to get cloth and hard FX to work together. Was simple enough, though some limitations in LW 8's dynamics (like self-collision in part mode) still make it a bit bothersome to get "perfect" results. Could be usefull for many things though.



Tried to think of a more fun and practical application for dynamics interaction. What could be more fun than scoring goals within Lightwave? With some tweaking pretty much any type of net could be simulated, for those really satisfactory goals. Maybe I'll have the time to add some players in the future.



Very quick and basic test on wether clothFX could be used to simulate bodyfat. I took part of a very old mesh of mine, fatted it up and just played in Layout a bit. The whole thing didn't take more than 30 minutes (model modification, rigging, clothFX and rendering) but looked kinda cool, so I decided to throw it in here...



Part of a library of space objects I started to build up a year or two ago. I wanted to create some good presets to build space scenes from. Never got to really do any cool scenes with them yet, as my attention turned towards character modeling.



As the planet above, this sun is one of the library objects I created for space scenes. I still think its kinda cool looking, that's the only reason its here really.